LATEST: A pal of troubled actress Sadie Frost has rubbished reports she's having an affair with her friend SIMON ABOUD - following months of battling with estranged husband Jude Law.

It was claimed in Britain's MAIL ON SUNDAY tabloid that Sadie was romancing Aboud, who's currently directing her new movie COME WHAT MAY.

But a pal of the actress-turned-designer insists Frost is not enjoying an affair with her longtime friend, telling British tabloid THE DAILY MIRROR, "We've been in hysterics all day. Simon's a great friend and colleague of both Jude and Sadie and that's where it ends.

"But even funnier is the picture they published of 'Simon'. It wasn't even him - the guy in the photo is one of their fashion friends called KID."

Frost and COLD MOUNTAIN star Law are in the midst of a bitter split, which, earlier this month (JUN03), reportedly led to police being called to break-up a violent argument.

16/06/2003 13:54