Sadie Frost's new lover Jackson Scott whisked the actress-turned-fashion designer away for the weekend - and invited her pal Kate Moss along for the ride.

The hunky 22-year-old wanted to escape their frantic London life, so invited his 35-year-old belle to a family gathering. And supermodel Moss - Frost's closest friend - joined in too.

Scott says, "A few weeks ago, Sadie and I went down to stay at my uncle's place on the South Coast. Sadie and I went down there for a pheasant and partridge shoot that they put on for all the family, but I didn't personally shoot myself."

A source close to the couple adds, "Jackson normally goes every year, I think he decided to ask Sadie as well. Kate Moss is very opposed to bloodsports, so I was surprised when she accepted the invitation, but the three of them had an absolutely lovely weekend."

11/12/2003 21:27