British actress Sadie Frost reportedly attacked Nicole Kidman for failing to clear up rumours about an affair with ex-husband JUDE LAW - during a chat with former Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss.

OSCAR-winning actress Kidman won an undisclosed amount of cash in a 2003 lawsuit against two British tabloids which accused her and Frost's then-husband Law of having an affair during the filming of COLD MOUNTAIN - and Fleiss says Frost is still fuming.

Frost, who was divorced from Law in October (03), recently interviewed Fleiss for a new British TV show called WHAT SADIE DID NEXT and the actress was reportedly infuriated when she learned that Fleiss wanted Kidman to play her in the movie adaptation of her book PANDERING.

Brunette Fleiss tells American magazine US WEEKLY, "She said, 'Why on earth would you want her to play you?' She said Nicole never once picked up the phone to clear things up about the rumours about her husband having an affair with Nicole.

"Then she said, 'I think Nicole knows and enjoys the power she has over men.'"

18/03/2004 08:59