Everyone was expecting at least one Brit in the top ten of the Billboard Money Makers list for 2011, but few would've thought that the name highest in their chart from UK shores would be Sade. A huge chart success on both sides of the Atlantic in the 1980s and early 90s, with their first four albums going in to the top 10 of both UK and US albums charts upon release, Sade had disappeared in the 90s and for most of the past decade until a startling return with 2010's 'Soldier Of Love' going straight in at top spot on the US Billboards as well as hitting the top five in their native UK.
That said, the smart money would've been on Adele to be the highest placing Brit following a hugely successful year that saw her second album '21' sell some 6.7 million copies in the US on the way to an estimated 18 million worldwide. However, the singer's throat problems have been well-documented and it was they that curtailed her earning potential, the star being forced to cancel what would've been a money-spinning tour of the States in the Autumn. That meant she sat at a still respectable 10th place in the listings, having profited nearly $13.1 million in 2011.