Sacha Parkinson may have only planned to stay on popular British soap 'Coronation Street' for two years, if claims by current Corrie star Brooke Vincent are true, but even she couldn't hide the emotion as she saw clips of the Christmas story that she'd shot before leaving for pastures anew. The Press Association reports that Parkinson was shown previews of the forthcoming episodes on Itv's 'This Morning' program and started crying; Parkinson's character Sian Powers marries Vincent's Sophie Webster in the big story of the festive season and, with the two actresses best friends off-camera as well as lovers on, she found the footage too much to bear, blubbing "I'm so embarrassed!"
Vincent, who appeared on the show with her, spoke instead "It's mad just looking at it. We've spent so much time on it and so much time together, and caring for it," she explained, "We kept saying, 'It's the beginning of the end' but it really is the end now."
The young actress continued, teasing with what the plot twist might be, saying, "Everyone thinks that we're going to the church and it's all going to come out, but that is not the case at all, so... that's going to be the big twist for everyone. It's not just we get to the church and everything goes bad, it's happy again and then it's down again, it's up and down about three times in the space of an hour."