Sacha Baron Cohen 's latest character 'The DICtator' General Aladeen has claimed it was he who killed the late rapper Tupac Shakur. Cohen's already infamous creation sat down for an interview with MTV's Josh Horowitz and began causing controversy almost immediately.
After inquiring about Horowitz' knowledge of the rapper Tupac Shakur, The DICtator revealed it was he who killed the MC, saying, "He came to play at my birthday party and all the time he get on the microphone, and you know what he tell me? You know what he tell me? He said, 'Put your hands' - he ordered me! - he ordered me to put my hands in the air and wave them like I just don't care. Why would I, DICtator, wave my hands like I don't care?". General Aladeen also hinted that he was responsible for the Notorioius Big's demise, saying, "And this Biggie Smalls, he then performed the next night for my weekend of birthday. That fat bast*rd ate all of the buffet. It cost over 120 Euros per head". When Horowitz interrupted and noted that The DICtator was being disrespectful of the deceased, he replied, "It's not respectful to the people who wanted to eat the buffet".
Baron Cohen's latest comedy follows a North African tyrant who oppresses his people in order to thwart the threat of democracy. After being mistaken for a refugee and taken under the wing of Anna Faris' character Zoey, he begins a series of misadventures in America.