Sacha Baron Cohen signed a contract with a movie studio after they sent him two goats.

The British actor - who is set to earn up to £25 million for the project which will showcase his forth alter-ego following Ali-G, Borat and Bruno movies - was sent two goats by Paramount studio in a bid to get his attention.

A source said: "Bosses at the studio arranged for one goat to be sent to Sacha's Los Angeles home wearing a Paramount t-shirt. They sent another to the plush Beverley Hills office of his agents, William Morris."

Paramount tactically sent the animals because the funnyman is set to take on two roles in the yet untitled film, with one of them being a goat herder.

Four major studios had entered into a frantic bidding war to work with Sacha on his new movie, whose script has been written by the team behind the US TV series 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'.

Despite one animal experiencing a "call of nature", Sacha saw the funny side and signed up to Paramount's proposal.

The source added to The Sun: "The animal had a call of nature outside his agent's office on the third floor. It squatted down in the hall in front of where everyone was working. It was disgusting. One of the guys looking after the goat tried to clean it up but the awful smell stuck around for hours."

Paramount has reportedly signed Sacha up to a contract where he will receive £13 million upfront as well as 20 per cent of the profits.

Sacha, 38, is likely to receive four times that amount if the film does as well as expected at the box office.