Sacha Baron Cohen has praised director Martin Scorsese following the release of his enchanting family movie 'Hugo', in which the British actor stars as the classic villain. The 3D movie, an adaptation of Brian Selznick's epic tome 'The Inventions of Hugo Cabret', has gained rave reviews and is tipped for a possible Oscar-nomination next year.
Hugo found its way to No.5 at the U.S. box office this weekend, despite opening in just 1,277 screens across the United States - a third of the number of screens in which other movies inside the Top 5 could be found. Discussing Scorsese at a press conference in New York, Cohen extolled, "It seems to me, Marty makes films for himself. He is an artist, a true artist, and he makes the movie that he wants to see" adding, "[Scorsese] is one of the last remaining artists and I think we should respect that", according to Clocking in at over two hours with some often complex dialogue, it has been suggested Hugo may not be an easy watch for some children, but Sasha offered, "The movie is not focus-grouped and it's not tailored for a 7-year-old in Iowa or Berlin or anywhere to appreciate.My first line in the movie had the word 'malfeasance' in it, which I barely understood, and I said, 'Aren't you worried some children won't understand that, let alone the grown-ups?' And he (Martin) said, No, it's the right word to use there".
Hugo, also starring Emily Mortimer and Chloe Moretz, follows the story of an orphaned boy who lives inside the walls of a Paris train station.