Sacha Baron Cohen is worrying the Academy Board of Directors, but the bosses behind the biggest film event of the year have insisted that they haven't banned the star from appearing at the event in Hollywood this weekend. Cohen had been invited there as part of the cast of 'Hugo,' but a situation has arisen whereby the hosts fear he might try to hi-jack his appearance on the red carpet to perform a stunt in order to promote his forthcoming film 'The DICtator.'
Cohen has a history of making a spectacle at public events; in 2006 he tried to raise attention for Borat by arriving at the Toronto International Film Festival dressed up as his TV journalist alter ego, riding a wagon pulled by "Kazakhstani peasant women." Then in 2009 at the MTV Video Music Awards, he came as gay fashionista Bruno from his film of the same name. With the Oscars strict on not allowing any companies to use the event as a stage to promote their own forthcoming films, the board are understandably wary of any action Cohen might take, particularly after The Hollywood Reporter claimed he was going to turn up dressed as his dictator character.
However that doesn't mean banning him completely, reports The Hollywood Reporter. A source told the same publication "We don't think it's appropriate, but his tickets haven't been pulled. We're waiting to hear back."