Sacha Baron Cohen prefers to turn up to celebrity events as one of his many comic characters - because he's an embarrassment when he arrives as himself.
The funnyman admits he's hopeless at parties and premieres when he doesn't have a beard or a moustache to hide behind - because he doesn't recognise his Hollywood peers.
He explains, "I don't really watch a lot of television or film, so I don't really recognise some of the faces.
"I went to one dinner recently with Warren Beatty and Annette Bening and a few other people around quite a small dinner table and... I turned to Annette Bening and said, 'You should have won an Oscar for The Kids Are All Right...' and she stared at me and she said, 'You don't know who I am, do you?' It was Diane Keaton.
"I was embarrassed. I didn't know what to say... so I just asked... 'What was it like to make love to Woody Allen?' She did get up and leave."
And Cohen dropped another clanger at a film premiere pal Jack Black invited him to.
He recalls, "He (Black) got up and spoke... and then this woman got up and spoke for a long time and I went (up) to him afterwards and he said, 'What did you think?' and I said, 'It was fine although some people were speaking for a long time, like the fat woman... with the huge breasts,' and he said, 'That's my mother!'"
His actress wife Isla Fisher is so tired of his slip-ups at social functions, she'd prefer he stays home: "She now tries to avoid going out of the house with me."