Sacha Baron Cohen has been cast as a soccer thug in his next film.

The 42-year-old actor - who was catapulted into the spotlight as fictional character Ali G before being cast as 'Borat' in the controversial film in 2006 - is planning on doing extensive research to ensure he pushes his latest alter-ego to the limit as he ''loves playing extreme characters.''

A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''Sadly the football hooligan seems here to stay. Sacha loves playing extreme characters and has done some extensive research on how these cretins behave.

''He will be pushing his own alter-ego as far as he can, making him incredibly stupid, narrow-minded and offensive.''

Sacha is hoping to meet with English soccer team manager, Roy Hodgson, while portraying the vile Northern hooligan and will use the captured scenes in the film.

The source added: ''The plan is to try to fool a couple of famous football pundits and Premiership managers with his disguise, and use them in the film.

''Roy Hodgson is the ultimate target and Sacha hopes to engineer an opportunity to set up a meeting, posing as the ultimate and most dedicated England fan.''