LATEST: Kazakhstan's foreign minister has urged Europe to boycott British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen's latest movie for "misrepresenting" his country. BORAT: CULTURAL LEARNINGS OF AMERICA FOR MAKE BENEFIT GLORIOUS NATION OF KAZAKHSTAN sees Cohen play spoof Kazakh TV presenter BORAT SAGDIYEV, who portrays his homeland as a country of superstition, incest, political suppression and religious intolerance. But politician KASYMZHOMART TOKAYEV has taken great offence to the way his country is lampooned in the movie, and is advising Europeans to shun it when the film is officially released later this week (ends03NOV06). He says, "Apart from the name of our country and our flag, it has nothing to do with us. "I also hope people will not laugh at us, but that the film will arouse their interest. They should come to our country and get to know the real Kazakhstan." Yesterday (31OCT06), the movie received unexpected support from Tokayev's political rival, opposition leader GALYMZHAN ZHAKIYANOV, who argued, "If Kazakhstan did not become famous for its corruption scandals around the world, then Sacha Cohen would've chosen some other country for his jokes."