British funnyman Sacha Baron Cohen is facing further legal woes after a US woman who featured in his latest movie claims she was misled. CINDY STREIT, who owns an etiquette business, filed a complaint on Thursday (16NOV06) with California Attorney General BILL LOCKYER, requesting an investigation into possible violations of the California Unfair Trade Practices Act. Streit was approached by a representative from a Los Angeles-based company called Springland Films wishing to arrange an etiquette session for an "international guest from Belarus Television", which later featured in BORAT: CULTURAL LEARNINGS OF AMERICA FOR MAKE BENEFIT GLORIOUS NATION OF KAZAKHSTAN. Streit said she arranged both a sit-down session with Borat, played by Cohen, and a dinner party with some of her friends. Clips of both meetings appear in the movie, including an embarrassing toilet incident. She recalls, "I had taught him to excuse himself. He did that correctly and went upstairs. The next thing that happened is that he came down the stairs holding this plastic bag with whatever was in it. "My horror was that he had brought a bag of faeces to my dinner table." Gloria Allred, Streit's lawyer, insists her client was told the episode "will be filmed as part of a documentary for Belarus Television and for those purposes only". However, a spokesman for the movie's distributor, 20th Century Fox, brands the claims "nonsense".