British funnyman Sacha Baron Cohen's latest movie has irked Kazakhstan so much the country has spent $40 million (GBP21 million) to produce a box office rival. BORAT: CULTURAL LEARNINGS OF AMERICA FOR MAKE BENEFIT GLORIOUS NATION OF KAZAKHSTAN sees Cohen play spoof Kazakh TV presenter Borat, who portrays his homeland as a backward country. The opening scene even depicts him sharing a passionate kiss with his sister before he departs for the US. Now the Central Asian republic hopes to spoil the movie's box office fortunes with a home grown rival about the struggle of native tribes to expel Mongol invaders, distributed internationally by Hollywood moguls HARVEY and Bob Weinstein. Patriotic NOMAD is the most expensive film ever made in Kazakhstan, and even boasts opening and closing words from President NURSULTAN NAZARBAYEV. He says of Cohen's controversial film, "I hope the companies responsible for screening this movie will show some responsibility and not show it. "It is quite insulting to the people of Kazakhstan and it may create some accusations from the public against the Government for letting such things come to our country."