A judge has dismissed a case brought against the producers of the BORAT movie.

Jeffrey Lemerond, who briefly appeared in the 20th Century Fox film telling BORAT to "go away" as he attempted to hug passers by on a New York street, claims that his image was used illegally.

However, the judge presiding over the case, Judge Loretta Preska, said that the clip could be deemed "newsworthy".

She added that while the film appealed "to the most childish and vulgar in its viewers," it attempted "an ironic commentary of 'modern' American culture".

Mr Lemorand's lawyer said that he would be appealing the ruling as his client had be subjected to public humiliation.

Since BORAT's release in 2006, a number of lawsuits have been brought against the movie's producers and creator/star Sacha Baron Cohen.

An Alabama etiquette coach, two 'frat boys' and two Romanian villagers have all launched their own suits, only for them to be thrown out on the grounds of free speech.

According to E! News, BARON COHEN is working on another mockumentary entitled BRUNO.

The news provider states that this latest project will see the comedian impersonating an openly gay Austrian fashion journalist with a penchant for asking very personal questions.

It adds that the funny man has been thrown out of a US airport for striping down to his underwear and dancing, in the guise of Bruno.

03/04/2008 10:42:00