British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen aspired to become a professional breakdancer before hitting the big time as a TV funnyman. The ALI G star was a die hard hip-hop fan as a youngster, and even set up his own dance troupe with friends. However, despite growing out of the hobby, Cohen is pleased the unlikely past time gave him material for some of his funniest TV and movie characters. He says, "As a kid, I was very into rap. "I used to breakdance. Starting at the age of 12, my mother would take me and my crew in the back of her Volvo. We had the linoleum in the back, and she'd drive us to Covent Garden (London) in the middle of winter; and we'd pull the lino out and start breakdancing. "We didn't really have a name until we started doing bar mitzvahs. I think we were called Black on White. We used mainly robotics. "Essentially, we were middle-class Jewish white boys, who were adopting this culture, which we thought was very cool. That was sort of the origins of Ali G."