Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen faces jail after a joke in a massage parlour went wrong.

The ALI G star was forced to go on the run from Arizona after he was stopped by police following an incident in a hippy commune.

Baron Cohen was in character as east European reporter Borat when a mystic left him under a towel whilst he prepared to give him a massage. When the hippy returned he saw Borat seeming to play with himself. The hippy, believing the show was for real, screamed and ran out.

Baron Cohen and his camera crew ran off but cops pulled him over and confiscated the tapes. The TV crew asked to go to their hotel before being questioned - but instead raced to an airport and jetted straight off.

A source says, "It was frightening, really. Sacha is laughing now but I wouldn't bet on him going anywhere near Arizona in the near future."