Comedy gangsta rapper ALI G is hoping to turn his local McDONALD'S into a hash den.

The oddball character, created by British comic Sacha Baron Cohen, has taken over this month's American stoner magazine HIGH TIMES - and he's revealing all about his own drug use.

In an interview he emailed to the magazine, Ali G confesses his mother gave him "a drag on her joint" to calm him down moments after he was born, and his first word was "reefer".

He also claims he had no idea that marijuana is illegal in his native Britain - and he isn't going to let a small point like that wreck his plans of turning his hometown of Staines into the new Amsterdam.

He says, "Me iz plannin to make me hood of Staines de new Amsterdam - hopefully wiv de prossies and all.

"Me iz got me eyes on de McDonalds in de High Street which me iz hopin to convert into a classy establishment where u can get mashed and noshed for 10 pounds."

Ali G also reveals the pot scene in Britain is getting better and better, with "quality puff" available, although he explains his friend RICKY C recently ended up in hospital after smoking "owl s**t dat he had bought off some geeza on a trip to LONDON ZOO".

In the High Times article, Ali G also weighs in with his thoughts on the war in Iraq, blasts Eminem and admits his favourite strain of marijuana is "Somali Lakbay Diva 1997," which he explains is "growed in a small part of Jamaica called Somalia".

20/08/2003 13:23