LATEST: Controversial British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen has landed himself in more trouble in America - after propositioning a preacher at a religious festival in Atlanta.

Cohen, who is most famous for his role as spoof rapper ALI G - was is character as camp TV presenter BRUNO at the event in Georgia.

An onlooker explains, "Sacha was behaving himself until the organiser of the festival started condemning rap stars.

"It was just after he said Dr Dre had made a pact with the devil that Sacha went up to him, touched his nose and said he thought he was cute.

"Everyone was stunned - but the priest didn't see the funny side."

Chaos broke out and Cohen and most of the crew fled the scene, but a researcher was arrested by police.

The comic is already a wanted man by police in Arizona after being caught pretending to masturbate at hippy commune while in character as Kazakhstani journalist Borat.