Former MIS-TEEQ singer ZENA McNALLY has slammed her former bandmates for allowing record executives to dictate their "manufactured image".

McNally quit the British R+B/garage group in 2001 following their first hit Why?, leaving Sabrina Washington, Alesha Dixon and SU-ELISE NASH to carry on as a trio.

McNally, who is launching her solo career in the UK this week (begs02AUG04) with her single BEEN AROUND THE WORLD, says, "It was a formula. They wanted a rapper MC and a lead singer, even though I was told I'd be the second lead singer. They made me do the harmonies.

"As two people in the group had known each other before I joined, I thought they had more say. I really believed we could be friends, but there were signs I was blind to."

03/08/2004 09:09