Former S Club 7 singer PAUL CATTERMOLE has slammed his ex-girlfriend and former bandmate Hannah Spearritt, for allegedly cheating on him with her latest co-star ANDREW-LEE POTTS. Cattermole - who dated Spearritt when they were both members of the UK pop group - claims their longterm relationship collapsed after she won the part as zoologist ABBY MAITLAND in British sci-fi TV drama PRIMEVAL last year (06). He says, "Within a couple of months our five-year relationship was over. I knew in my heart she was seeing Andrew. "After being with somebody that length of time you have an amazing gut instinct." "The crunch came when I realised it had been a whole two weeks since we'd seen each other. She obviously didn't want to be with me." Despite her betrayal, Cattermole holds no grudges against his former love. He adds, "I don't hate Hannah, I wish her happiness. I just feel sad that she couldn't tell me about her and Andrew before publicly announcing it." Spearritt's spokeswoman refused to address the allegations, saying, "Hannah does not wish to make any comment."