Rapper RZA has been hit with a lawsuit from a Dutch singer who alleges she is owed royalties for tracks she recorded with the Wu-Tang Clan star.

Thea Van Seijen claims she is owed a fortune for providing vocals on Rza's Baby Boy, as well as her work on 13 other songs the duo co-wrote and performed from 2004 to 2011.

She has now asked a judge to force Rza, real name Robert Fitzgerald Diggs, to hand over her share of royalties, according to documents obtained by Tmz.com.

An insider tells the website, "Unfortunately this is a groundless lawsuit by someone Rza had helped get off the streets, lent a helping hand to, and now thinks he's an easy target to mark looking for money."

Baby Boy was featured in the 2005 Jet Li movie Unleashed.