The former Secretary of State and ex-First Lady is running for the top job and it's clear the hip-hop star likes the idea of a woman in charge.

The Wu-Tang Clan leader believes a woman in the highest office in the country will boost women's rights and struggles, much like current President Barack Obama did for African-Americans.

"I would be on board with that (a female president) because I understand that the world has yin and yang, and that would be very interesting for our country in the sense of its history," he tells "Seeing Barack Obama become president echoes the struggle for blacks to get out of slavery and then to see that somebody, 100-plus years later, can grow to be in that position. But even after slavery was abolished, women's rights were still not and they still had to fight for the right to vote. Why not take it another step further and give a female a chance?"

RZA believes America's position in the world is reason enough to vote for a woman.

"When it says, 'All men are created equal,' look at what that means," he adds. "That means black men, brown men, red men, yellow men, white men, wo-men. She's a form of a man as well. Everybody starts off as that same cluster of cells, so I'm into that. I would support that."

"Look at America - we represent history, and we represent the world in a certain way," he continues. "People look at us as a beacon and Barack Obama winning twice was a beacon of, 'OK, this country, potentially, is shifting dynamics, and is accepting its people as people, as Americans, and not declassifying them because of that.' And for that to happen for a women as well is probably past overdue."