Rylan Clark says he wants to have a ''straight child''.

The flamboyant former 'X Factor' singer made the revelation during a conversation about gay adoption with his fellow 'Celebrity Big Brother' housemate Ryan Moloney when he explained how he wants to have children in the future.

He said: ''Personally, I'd rather have a straight child.''

While the homosexual star admitted he is happy with himself as a person, he said being gay is ''not a choice'' and insists he would have pushed the ''straight button'' if he had the opportunity to choose whether to be homosexual or not.

He explained: ''I'd be banging the f**k out of that button.''

His comments come after his friend and fellow former 'X Factor' star Lucy Texeira, of girl band 2 Shoes, revealed Rylan has asked her to be a surrogate mother.

She explained to new! magazine: ''He definitely wants kids. He's asked me to be the baby's mum, but I said no. It's not for me.

''He's always looking for love! He really wants a boyfriend and kids.''