Ryan Seacrest gave wine to the firefighters who battled a blaze at his mansion.

The 42-year-old television presenter has revealed he handed out the alcoholic gift to each of the men and women who tackled the fire at his home in Beverley Hills over the weekend.

He said: ''The firefighters come and you're just so happy to see them. I gave them wine. I was like, 'What do you give them?' ... I was like, 'Thanks, guys. When you're off, enjoy.' Who doesn't want a bottle of wine?''

And Ryan described the whole incident as his ''worst nightmare'' and was glad he was able to spot the fire before it got too out of control or anyone got hurt.

Speaking on his radio show 'On Air With Ryan Seacrest', he added: ''My worst nightmare happened. You're so grateful no one is hurt, you're so grateful you're there to find it.''

Ryan put the fire down to an electrical box popping near the driveway, which caused rubbish bins to catch on fire and then set a tree alight.

And the radio host was glad he had moved his car earlier in the day as he fears that would have been set alight too if it was still on his drive.

Ryan previously shared pictures from the aftermath of the fire, which happened on Sunday night (19.02.17).

Uploading a photo of charred bins and rubbish skewed over the floor onto the photo sharing site, he wrote: ''fire last night at the house- thank god everyone is ok. Thanks again @beverlyhillsfirefighters (sic)''