Ryan Seacrest may soon be dropped from 'American Idol'. After having hosted the series since the show began, Ryan Seacrest may be axed after his three-year contract comes to a close after the next series.
The Hollywood Reporter claims that CKx, the parent company of Idol producer 19 Entertainment, is no longer willing to pay the enormous $15m per season for the 37-year-old presenter. Idol bosses have seen that the show has continued to prove successful after Cowell's exit and now hope that Seacrest's leaving won't hamper the show either. According to The Daily Mail, a source said: 'There's no way FremantleMedia (who also produce Idol) and CKx will continue to pay Ryan when he can be replaced for $2m to $3m.' Having presented the show since its first series back in 2002, American Idol became a runaway success, achieving over 26 million viewers weekly. Seacrest may indeed be following fellow presenter Steve Jones who after fronting the first season of X Factor USA has reportedly been told to leave the show after such negative reviews.
Ryan Seacrest has recently been seen on his post New Year holiday with girlfriend Julianne Hough. The couple were spotted relaxing in the Caribbean island of St Barts, ironically the same spot where Simon Cowell was seen lounging during his winter break. American Idol will kickstart its tenth season on January 19th (2012).