Ryan Seacrest has undergone Elbow surgery.

The 'American Idol' host underwent a ''procedure'' after filming the show yesterday (28.03.12) as he needed treatment to remove scar tissue from an old tendon injury.

He revealed on twitter: ''I have a tiny tear in my elbow...pausing life for procedure.''

He later explained during his KIIS-FM show: ''I had a probe stuck into my right elbow. I'm not a robot [but] they went in with a tiny little probe and they scraped some scar tissue from the tendon, cause I tore the tendon from working out.''

Ryan - who admits he is ''not a great patient'' - was wide awake during the surgery but admits he couldn't bear to watch what the doctor was doing.

He said: ''I couldn't look. But I could feel the pressure.

''It was very easy and practically noninvasive.''

While the procedure went well, Ryan hadn't expected it to take so long and ended up with a schedule clash.

He said: ''I didn't calculate suturing into my schedule. I thought it was an in-and-out, 12-minute procedure.''

The 37-year-old star later tweeted a picture of his arm showing where he had been treated.

Alongside the image, he wrote: ''Will this be noticeable in my mesh falcons jersey? funny bone not so funny today.(sic)''