Ryan Seacrest has given Justin Bieber a year's Costco membership for his 18th birthday. Speaking to the young star on his KIIS-FM radio show, Ryan Seacrest decided to surprise him with the unusual gift.
Talking on his show on Thursday (1 Mar 2012), the 27-year old 'American Idol' presenter said to Bieber: 'I've known you for a few years and I've been waiting for this moment because there's something I've wanted to give you on your 18th birthday. It's something that I love. My buddies and I used to use this quite a bit when we were roommates. It's a lot of fun.' When actually giving him the membership card, Seacrest joked, 'Think of the endless fun you can have with jugs of salsa and buckets of hummus'. The 'Mistletoe' singer thanked Seacrest, saying: 'It's gonna be amazing. I can't wait'. Bieber enjoyed turning the age by spending the day with friends and family rather than having a crazy bash with friends. However it wasn't the only lavish gift that Bieber received, with him also getting a Fisker Karma from his manager Scooter Braun, and also revealing that he was planning to get another house in Los Angeles now that he has turned 18.
Ryan Seacrest is currently hosting the latest series of 'American Idol' where the ten finalists for the live shows have been revealed.