Ryan Seacrest was given a $6,000 toilet for his birthday.

The state of the art commode was installed without the 'American Idol' host and radio presenter's knowledge in his Los Angeles home while he was working in New York over the New Year.

Ryan - who earns an estimated $50 million a year - came home to find his friend Laurence had the Toto Automatic Toilet fitted in his personal bathroom as a present for his 36th birthday, which took place on December 24.

Ryan - who is dating Julianne Hough - told listeners to his KISS FM radio show: "A Toto is an automatic toilet. Laurence had it installed and I didn't know about it. He snuck into my house with a plumber and had it installed.

"It has comfort functions, it has a remote control lid, at all times the seat is warm. It has buttons and lights all over it.

"You get close to it and it has a sensor and it just opens up.

"All night last night I had bottles of water by my bed drinking them, just so I had to go pee, it was so fun."

Other features of the top of the range toilet include a night light, three washing modes, a hands free auto flush, air purifying system and an integrated warm air dryer, so Ryan won't, in theory, need to use toilet paper.