American chat show host Ryan Seacrest left supermodel Rachel Hunter red-faced on his ON-AIR show on Monday (05APR04) after posing a series of saucy bedroom questions.

The broadcaster and American Idol host revealed had viewed the home Hunter recently sold - and insisted they chat about her sexy "zen room".

He told Hunter, "It was my one opportunity to check out the closet, the bedroom, all the intimate details. You have a killer flatscreen in the bedroom, and this zen room. It's a real sexy room."

Seacrest then quizzed the model about the kind of things she got up to in her zen room.

An embarrassed Hunter giggled, "I'm just trying to watch the FCC (FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION) for you and not go into this... but you could shag in there if you wanted to, absolutely."

Staying with the saucy subject, Seacrest then asked his guest whether she preferred sleep or sex.

Without a pause, Hunter exclaimed, "Sex, of course."

07/04/2004 09:45