Best friends Ryan Reynolds and David Cross are secretly planning their own movie inspired by their wives' The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants film.

Blake Lively and Amber Tamblyn tell Entertainment Weekly magazine their men have become incredibly close through their friendship and would love to star in their own buddy movie.

Tamblyn says, "Our dudes are friends."

Lively adds, "They really love each other and they have their own little man texts. They're dying to do their own Husbands of the Sisterhood movie. We'll see."

But Reynolds and Cross' wives might beat them to it with a third film.

The actress' pal and co-star America Ferrera explains, "The fifth book (in author Ann Brashares' book series) picks up 10 years after the fourth book, so the characters are all basically the ages that we are now.

"I know that the four of us would love it (to make another film), and it would be wonderful."

Ferrera, Tamblyn, Lively and Alexis Bedel have all become close friends since teaming up for the first film back in 2005 and reprising their characters for a 2008 Sisterhood sequel.