Ryan Reynolds wouldn't want his kids to go into showbusiness.

The 'Deadpool' star - who has James, three, and Ines, 18 months, with his wife Blake Lively - doesn't understand why parents encourage their children to join the industry at a young age.

He said: ''I always think like if you put your kid in showbusiness, just skip the showbiz part, just put them straight into rehab. I see people who are like, 'Oh no I want my child to be like the star of something.' I'm like 'Why? Do you have no access to outside information? Have you ever read a newspaper?' Don't do that.''

And whilst Ryan's daughters love joining him on set, they ''cry'' every time they see his make up for 'Deadpool'.

Speaking to Magic Radio, she added: ''They love being on set. They would cry though when I was in the scar makeup because ... I left in the morning and I look like dad, and then by the afternoon I'm a deep-fried testicle and that's not good you know. My kids would weep, yeah.''

Meanwhile, Ryan previously insisted he doesn't ''take a second'' of fatherhood for granted.

He shared: ''I don't take a second of it for granted. I'm also really lucky: my work is intense for periods, but then I can also take time off, and a lot of people can't. So I'm grateful for that. I love watching my kids grow and evolve, and I hope that I get to do that for a huge amount of their lives. Until they kick me out.''