Sitting on a poll table before a roaring fire in what looks like a sports lodge, Reynolds' masked alter-ego suggests men should pay more attention to their genitals.

"I'm sure you rummage around downstairs more than mommy would like," the new dad says in the quirky public service announcement, "but it's time you start paying attention to your favourite pastime because that bag of beans bouncing around in your hand could be trying to kill you."

"Testicular cancer is the most common form of cancer in men aged between 15 to 35. It's time to fight back."

Deadpool then offers up an animated insert video, which shows men just how to search for cancer.

"Hold each of your man berries or as I like to call them smooth criminals, in turn, between you thumb and fingers; give them a general roll around... You also need to check the tubes around the back...

"If at any point you feel an unusual lump, size, shift of irregularity, don't ignore it like a p**sy, man up and talk to your doctor... Check those bad boys at least once a month after a bath or shower."

The Proposal star, as Deadpool, ends the PSA by urging men to "tweak the tomatoes before you go cucumber crazy."