Actor Ryan Reynolds once found himself standing in an animal carcass as he relieved himself after taking a solo motorcycle ride through the state of Wyoming.

The Green Lantern star is a keen biker but admits his penchant for long rides alone have often landed him in sticky situations.

Recalling one recent experience, he tells Details magazine, "I pulled over by the side of this ravine to take a p**s. And when I jumped down into it, I put my feet through something incredibly squishy. It felt like I'd jumped into a vat of old watermelons, and it just smelled like the worst place you could ever imagine."

Reynolds found himself standing in the ribcage of a dead horse and he was eager to clean off as soon as possible: "I wanted to undress using only a lighter. Like, to get all of this off my body with fire. It was the most revolting moment of my life."

It wasn't the first time the actor, who owns six motorcycles, ran into trouble while out on the road - he also previously required a hospital visit for a spider bite and a staph infection.