Ryan Reynolds and Michael Bay are reportedly set for Netflix's biggest blockbuster to date.

The 41-year-old Hollywood star is said to be teaming up with the 53-year-old filmmaker on Skydance Media's 'Six Underground', which will be produced for a 2019 release on the online streaming service.

According to Deadline, the action thriller's budget could be in the $150 million range - which would make it Netflix's biggest feature film to date - and its slated to start production this summer.

The project is being developed from a script penned by 'Deadpool' screenwriters Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese.

Reynolds is currently riding high after starring in the sequel to the superhero blockbuster, with 'Deadpool 2' earning $301 million across the world over its first weekend.

The 20th Century Fox movie - based on the beloved and edgy Marvel Comics character - has proven to be a huge hit with audiences across the globe.

As reported by Variety, it pulled in $125m in the US alone, with an international haul of $176m - even without a boost from China, where the movie appears unlikely to get a release.

The figures make it not only the best ever overseas opening for Fox International, but it has also toppled 'Logan' ($160 million) as the biggest international opening for an R-rated film.

Its huge success comes as it has been revealed the makers of the movie cut a post-credits scene because they considered it inappropriate.

Writers Reese and Wernick have revealed they'd shot a scene in which the character - who is played by Ryan Reynolds - was seen killing a baby version of Adolf Hitler, but they performed a U-turn after screening the scene to an audience.

Rhett explained: ''Deadpool goes back and kills baby Hitler at the very end. That's what was supposed to happen.''

Paul added: ''And not just supposed to happen, we shot it.''