Actor Ryan Reynolds was reduced to a quivering wreck on the set of BLADE: TRINITY when he learnt the script had been changed - and he had to fight wrestling giant Triple H.

The screen star - who is engaged to singer ALANIS MORISSETTE - was informed of the alteration by director DAVID GOYER, and immediately started getting nervous.

And his worst fears came true, as he was left battered and bruised by the mighty force used by Triple H - real name PAUL MICHAEL LEVESQUE - during the physical shoot.

He says, "I think it was David Goyer who actually took me into the cell and said, 'We've changed some things around. You're actually going to be fighting Triple H.' I think Triple H was supposed to be shot by an arrow and he just ashed and that was going to be his end, but they wanted a larger ending for him so that involved me as well.

"I was terrified. The guy does not know subtlety on a physical sense so he was just tossing me around that room and you just got to suck it up. Unfortunately, for continuity reasons, we couldn't have a rubber floor put in so the floor is taped cement, which is the worst of it all.

"To him, I'm like the size of his bicep so basically, he would just toss me around like a little rag doll and I'd get up and do it again and ice things down."

09/12/2004 13:56