The Green Lantern, a superhero movie starring Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, has been savaged by critics following its American premiere last night (15th June 2011). Green Lantern, which cost $200 million to make, is one of most anticipated movies of the year but it failed to impress at yesterday's debut screening.

The film, based on the classic DC comic, follows a brotherhood of warriors who wear rings that grant them superpowers. The movie has been directed by MICHAEL CAMPBELL, of 'Casino Royale' fame, with the script penned by comic book writers Michael Green and MARC GUGGENHEIM. However, despite the big-budget and A-list cast, the movie was labelled "a dumb, pointless, ugly, moronic and incomprehensible jumble of botched effects" by Rex Reed of the New York Observer. Christy Lemire of the Associated Press criticised the movie's lack of suspense or danger, highlighting the "goofy aliens" and "hammy supporting actors". With Ryan Reynolds at the helm, 'Green Lantern' was expected to spawn a number of sequels in the same vein as the 'Spider-Man' films, but Justin Chang of Variety Magazine noted, "Green Lantern is neither amusing nor exciting enough to ensure a long-running franchise".

Green Lantern is officially released in 3D tomorrow (17th June 2011). The movie has already spawned a video game, 'Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters', released on 7th June 2011.