The official trailer for the upcoming superhero movie 'Green Lantern', starring Ryan Reynolds has official been released, sparking a flurry of online activity with fans anxious to see what the latest DC Comics adaptation has in store. The movie is directed by 'Casino Royale's' Martin Campbell and follows the story of a confident test pilot who is given the power of manipulation.
34-year-old Reynolds, who was recently voted the 'World's Sexiest Man' by People Magazine, stars as 'Hall Jordan', a new recruit at 'Green Lantern Corps'. Hal, who is clearly gifted but over-confident, is given superpowers by a 'power ring'. The film is based on the 'Green Lantern' comic book that was first published in July 1940. The movie also stars Mark Strong as 'Hal's' mentor 'Sinestro', and Blake Lively as 'Carol Ferris', the vice-president of 'Ferris Aircrafts' and Hal's love interest. Elsewhere, Peter Sarsgaard appears as the scientist 'Dr Hector Hammond'.
'Green Lantern' is expected to be next year's blockbuster hit, and the film is set for release on 17th June 2011. It has been reported that the movie had a budget of $150,000,000