The first episode of the new programme, which opens with the sound of a gunshot and real-life images of historical incidents of gun violence, was scheduled to air on America's USA network on 19 July (16), but executives have pushed the premiere back a week in light of the Texas tragedy.

A statement from the network reads: "In light of recent tragic events and out of respect for the victims, their families and our viewers, we have decided to postpone the premiere date for the upcoming USA Network series Shooter to July 26."

Sniper and former Army Reserve soldier Micah Johnson was heavily armed when he opened fire on cops monitoring a Black Lives Matter demonstration on Thursday. Five police officials were killed, while seven others were injured.

The Shooter TV series - the small screen adaptation of Wahlberg's 2007 action film - stars Ryan Phillippe as an ex-Marine sniper, wrongly accused of a crime, who is attempting to clear his name and return to his family.

Executive produced by Wahlberg, the series also stars Omar Epps and Tom Sizemore.

Shooter hit headlines last week (06Jul16), when Sizemore reportedly ran over a stuntman with a car while filming a scene for the show.

According to TMZ, the Saving Private Ryan star was behind the wheel of a Cadillac SUV for a scene being shot at the Agua Dulce Airport in Santa Clarita, California when a stunt co-ordinator reportedly told the actor to "pull out" once he got in the driver's seat. The actor's representative claims the star followed instructions, put the car in reverse and drove away, but did not see the stuntman standing near the car.

Sources claim eight people attempted to lift the car off the unnamed victim, and he was finally released after a jack was used to free the man, who was airlifted to a nearby hospital.