Ryan Phillippe has revealed his seven-year-old daughter is proving to be an inspiration during his difficult divorce.

The Flags of Our Fathers star and Oscar-winning Reese Witherspoon announced their separation in October after seven years of marriage. Walk The Line star Reese filed for divorce in Early November.

Describing the separation as "the most devastating time" Ryan admitted that his two children Ava, seven, and Deacon, three, are helping him get through it.

Speaking to comedienne Ellen Degeneres on her talkshow he said: "Going through something like this, as difficult as it is, my daughter has been the inspiration - my seven-year-old daughter Ava."

"I know it sounds pathetic. I'm a 32-year-old guy, but my seven-year-old daughter is getting me through the toughest time in my life and that's beautiful too," he added.

Little Deacon is still managing to bring a smile to Ryan's face too: "He's fun, every day he says something that makes me laugh, warms my heart."

Asked how the children are coping, the Cruel Intentions actor said: "They're hanging in there. It ain't easy. It's devastating, but the bottom line is the focus on the children, and they're doing amazingly well and that's really all that matters."

16/02/2007 07:51:04