Ryan Phillippe thinks it'll be years until his children give him ''the ultimate cool card''.

The 'Shooter' star - who has Ava, 17, and Deacon, 13, with his ex-wife Reese Witherspoon and five-year-old Kai with his former partner Alexis Knapp - says he is a big embarrassment to his children, particularly to his eldest.

He said: ''I don't think any parent gets the ultimate cool card. Maybe once they get into their twenties, and they're past the teenage period, I might become cool again, but I'm sure there's tons of stuff that both Reese and I do that embarrasses the kids.

''I mean, for instance right now, I'm shirtless on the cover of a magazine [Men's Fitness]. I'm sure that's not my daughter's favourite thing in the world.''

And the 42-year-old actor doesn't understand why people keep commenting on how much Reese and Ava lookalike as they are mother and daughter after all.

He added to Entertainment Tonight: ''I mean, it's weird, because isn't that obvious? Who else are they going to look like, you know? I always find that such a weird thing, like, [Ava] looks exactly like her mother, who else is she going to look like? It's an odd thing that people fixate on that.

''I've wondered sometimes how they feel about it,'' he shared. ''We've talked about it too but I think we've all made peace with the fact that we're out there in the public and people are going to choose to key on whatever is interesting to them. It may not be interesting to us, it's not something -we don't sit around talking about how much we look alike.''