Ryan Phillippe finds dating ''a challenge''.

The 42-year-old actor has learned to live with his relationships being scrutinised by the media after his public split from former wife Reese Witherspoon - with whom he shares two children, Ava, 17, and Deacon, 13 - in 2006, but says living his life in the public eye makes it difficult to find love.

He said: ''[Being in the public eye] affects those in your life who didn't choose to be a public figure: your children and the people you are in a relationship with.

''I think that's when it gets really difficult.

''Of course [dating] is a challenge. When I've been involved with people in my industry in the past, there is a little bit more of an understanding of what to expect, but I feel like when you are with someone who is not in the industry, the focus isn't there to the same degree.''

Since his split from Reese, the 'Secrets and Lies' actor has vowed not to take himself ''seriously'' any more.

He added: ''I've faced every manner of gossip, and I don't take myself as seriously now.

''There is a freedom and a release that comes with maturity. I've made peace with it. We live in a time where being a private person isn't really an option anymore.''

Ryan also said he has nothing ''new to offer'' people searching for relationship advice.

He said: ''Relationships are just not territory that I have anything new to offer in terms of that experience. It's been said by everyone. There are ups and downs in relationships.''

The 'Shooter' star - who also shares five-year-old daughter Kailani with former girlfriend Alexis Knapp - recently ended his engagement to Paulina Slagter, but says he's still ''open'' to the idea of getting married again.

He told People magazine: ''I'm open to it. I don't have a date or any plans set. I haven't closed any books!''