Ryan Phillippe has hinted his family was falling apart before his wife Reese Witherspoon stunned Hollywood with divorce plans last month (OCT06) - because his work schedule was proving too much for the couple's daughter AVA. Speaking to America's Interview magazine in the weeks leading up to the shock split, the actor revealed his seven year old had been giving him a hard time for missing her first day of school two years in succession. He says, "I had the whole phone conversation with her where I'm getting guilted (sic). She's like, 'You've missed my first day of school two years in a row.' She gives me a harder time than Reese." Phillippe admits he often struggles when he's working on location and missing his family, and has discovered "becoming" his character helps him forget how homesick he is. He adds, "I think I commit sometimes even further to a role because it leaves me less time to think about those things that make me feel sad, like not being around my children. "If I can't see my kids, and I'm in another time zone, I have to really live and eat and breathe the work around the clock, because that keeps me sane - I know I'm there for a reason." Witherspoon went public with the couple's split at the end of October (06). She officially filed for divorce on Wednesday (08NOV06).