Ryan Phillippe didn't want his movie role to be "dismissed".

The actor - who plays Lt. Dixon Piper in the new action comedy movie 'MacGruber' - admitted his alter-ego deliberately pushed the boundaries with his jokes because he didn't want it to be "dismissed".

He said: "We live in such a sceptical day and age where if you do come with something soft, it's going to get dismissed. We definitely went the opposite with it. The movie is more of a parody of 80s action movies. So like what Austin Powers was to the spy genre."

Ryan, 35, admitted the new picture - which is rife with gay jokes - was extreme, but this was what he intended.

He told Citypaper.net: "I've seen this movie eight times and out of all of the movies I've done, this is the one I can't wait for my friends to see most. It's a hard R movie so if you liked 'The Hangover' or 'Borat', it's kind of along those lines."

Ryan recently spoke about how he knew the film would be a hit when he took his best friend to see it and even he fell in love with the character.

He said: "I took my best gay friend with me to the screening and he loved it. The funny thing about MacGruber is that he's a deplorable human being - he's sexist, a little homophobic, a bit racist, and a bumbling idiot - but somehow, and it's a testament to how good of an actor Will Forte is, you still like him."