Movie star Ryan O'Neal has hit back at his daughter for what he claims are "unfortunate" and "malicious" lies about her childhood in the actress' memoirs A PAPER LIFE.

In the explosive autobiography, the actress blasts her father for reportedly being cruel and abusive towards her and her brother GRIFFIN, and ignoring them to concentrate on love affairs.

But the LOVE STORY star left his daughter stunned during an appearance on America's OPRAH show yesterday (12OCT04), when he offered a statement suggesting reformed drug addict Tatum is merely writing a fictional account of her life as a therapy tool.

He said, "It is unfortunate that Tatum has chosen to write a book that depicts her life in such a negative manner.

"We are all responsible for our actions and must live with reminders of them daily, Tatum included. It is a sad day when malicious lies are told in order to become a bestseller.

"As a father, it is my hope that this book was written to serve as her therapy, and, if this is what she needed to do to wake each day and live with herself, then I can only support her healing process - good, bad and ugly.

"It is now my hope that she gets sober so that her perception of the future is not like her clouded memories of the past."

A furious Tatum spat back, "He hates me. He's hated me forever. First of all, the sober part is an insult because I have (got sober), I am and that's unfortunate that he had to say that part. That makes me angry."

13/10/2004 21:40