Ryan O'Neal and estranged daughter Tatum O'neal put their rocky relationship behind them to honour their first film together on Thursday night (21AUG03).

The couple turned up together for a screening of their digitally-remastered 1973 movie Paper Moon in Los Angeles.

Father and daughter have been part of a public slanging match in recent years, after Tatum painted a very bleak picture of her upbringing and of her father's temper tantrums.

But she's now determined to put the past behind her. She says, "We're talking. I love my father. He believed in me way back then and put me in Paper Moon and that helped make me what I am today."

Meanwhile, Ryan O'Neal and ex-lover Farrah Fawcett are back together - he'll be escorting her to the EMMY Awards next month (SEP03), where she's nominated.

25/08/2003 01:32