Australian actor Ryan Moloney had a miraculous escape when he was involved in a horror car crash while riding his bike - and emerged unscathed from the incident.
Moloney, who has starred as Jarrod 'Toadfish' Rebecchi in hit soap opera Neighbours for 18 years, was cycling to work at the show's set in Melbourne when he collided with a vehicle at 40 miles-per-hour (64 kilometres-per-hour).
He was thrown from the saddle and catapulted through the air, landing on his head in the road - but was left amazed when medics later gave him a clean bill of health.
Moloney tells British magazine OK!, "I got hit by a car the other day. I hit the car at about 40 miles-per-hour and went flying over the top, and landed on my head. He actually got charged with failing to give way - though it really wasn't his fault. It was one of those situations when he would never have been able to see me coming, and I would never have seen him coming, so it was just an accident.
"I had my helmet on. I went off to hospital on a back board with a neck brace, had all the Cat scans, and amazingly I got away with just some cuts and bruises on my leg and a bit of a sore neck... I'm honestly amazed how injury-free I was."