Ryan Lochte may be duly admired for his gold medal winning streak, but his assets don't appear to extend past swimming as his image on the cover of Vogue prompts the worst selling issue of 2012.
The hunky Team Usa swimming champ was featured topless, linking arms with tennis Olympian Serena Williams and soccer goalkeeper Hope Solo both in beachwear, on the cover of the June issue which was an Olympic special. As much as that sounds appealing, the publication only managed to sell 202,000 copies; 33 per cent lower than their average - fashion fanatics not into sports then? Despite bringing about poor sales on the cover of British Vogue in 2011, Grammy winner Adele became a hit across the pond and gave the US fashion mag over twice as many sales at 410,000 back in March suggesting that out Vogue readers are more into the voluptuous curves of their favourite popstars than the washboard stomachs of Olympic sports stars. Each to their own, I suppose!
In other publications, busty reality star Kim Kardashian brought down sales of Allure and Glamour in March with readers clearly seeing enough of her on the TV screen. Lauren Conrad on the other hand became Glamour's bestseller of the year.