Team US Gold medallist Ryan Lochte has proved that he is a big fan of toilet humor in his debut sketch for 'Funny or Die', during which he reveals he can only urinate whilst he is in the pool.
Bad news for any potential pool party organisers thinking of inviting the 28-year-old Olympian, as Lochte 'admitted' during the spoof transmission for LochTv: "The way I see it, the pool is the biggest and most expensive toilet and it's all mine". The swimmer then shouted out his biggest rival in the pool for honours of 'Pools Greatest Peer,' when the spoof went on to see him ponder whether Michael Phelps can out whiz him in the pool. Phelps should be warned though, as Lochte tells the camera: "You know what, I have the fastest pee in the west."
The swimmer also starred alongside Brits Sir Patrick Stewart, Simon Pegg and Maisie Williams in another 'Funny or Die' clip that lampoons ticket scalpers. In this much cleaner skit Lochte, playing himself, falls fowl to two ticket scalpers (Stewart and Williams) who knock out and steal the swimmer's ticket on his way to an Olympic event. Peggs, also playing himself is then sold the ticket and more hilarity ensues after that. Both clips are available to watch on the 'Funny or Die' website.