R&B singer/producer Ryan Leslie has admitted reneging on a promise to hand over $1 million (£625,000) for the safe return of his laptop.

The musician was sued last year (11) for failing to give the reward to Armin Augstein, who allegedly discovered the lost property in a backpack while walking through Cologne, Germany.

Leslie appeared at Manhattan Federal Court in New York on Tuesday (27Nov12) and claimed he didn't pay the auto repair shop owner as he was unable to access his unreleased songs after the laptop was recovered, according to the New York Post.

He insisted, "The $1 million reward was for the return of the intellectual property... I have come to terms that I (am) never going to see my album again."

Leslie also described himself as "an ethical person" who "didn't want to stiff (double-cross) anyone", and noted that his then-manager advised him not to pay Augstein over fears there may have been "foul play involved".

Closing arguments are scheduled to take place on Wednesday (28Nov12).